Saturday, November 19, 2005



Last night the Roll and I went to Winston-Salem to see the Time Well Wasted Tour. Before we went to the coliseum, we went to dinner. We were looking for a place and the Roll points to a Mexican restaurant and said, "Go there, it looks like a white queso place." She apparently has a 6th sense involving the ability to pick out Mexican places with white cheese dip. She was right last night. Now I will have to test her abilities. I don't think I have any random powers like that.

The concert itself was great. Sugarland was the opener and did a short set. Jennifer Nettles looked adorable as usual and they did a cover of U2's "Still haven't found what I'm looking for". I turned to the Roll during the set change and said that even though I knew it was weird, I had this overwhelming sense of pride watching them play. KT had seen a concert about 6 months before and said that she liked it better when only a few people knew who the band was so we could get up close. It was awesome to be in the front row, but seeing a few thousand people singing along to "Something More" was just cool. They must be so happy. I know it sounds dumb, but I've been listening to Jennifer Nettles play for years now and it's like watching a kid grow up or something. I've seen them not sell many records to switching groups and saw Sugarland as a fledgling band. Now they're all grown up with videos and Crossroads with Bon Jovi and it's just fun to see that.

Sara Evans and Brad Paisley were fun too. If anyone has that toilet seat song send me a copy or tell me where I can find it!

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