Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Barbie Killers

This study found that kids torture Barbies. Duh.

Between us, my sister and I probably had about 50 Barbies. My friends gave my sister all their old stuff, but we also had cars, houses, pets, a motorcycle, siblings, boyfriends, kids, and friends.

Of course girls destroy Barbies. I'm sure a lot of that is in the name of fashion. The first time you used a hair drier on her, you found out Barbie's hair melted. You tried to microwave her to give her a tan. My sister used to make her dolls "pop heads" (i.e. she popped the heads off and switched the bodies) before they went to the mall. I shaved one's head because she was punk rock. I dyed another one's hair to look like the bride of Frankenstein for Halloween. Her hair never went blonde again. All limbs were popped on and off based on how tight her clothes were. We had a Ken that was partly eaten by one of our dogs that we renamed "Shrapnel Ken".

The most destructive thing we did was when we blew up bride of Frankenstein's head with a bottle rocket. But come on, that was just awesome and needed to be done.

You rock.

That is all.
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