Friday, December 16, 2005


A few random thoughts

I was watching some special- probably on E! about girls that get naked for Playboy or something else. Vanessa Williams was a prime example, you know losing the crown and all. Bai Ling apparently also posed and got all offended that she was removed from Stars Wars III. She was supposedly cut before the naked pics, but she stills thinks that she was cut because of them. My issue is who the heck gives a crap? She shouldn't be anywhere near a camera. She's weird looking, and not a good actor. Why was she on But can they sing? She is NOT a celebrity. She's an annoyance. I know they can be one and then same, K-Fed I'm looking at you, but she's "famous" because she wears the stupidest, ugliest clothes and shows her cooch on the red carpet. I wish people would just ignore her existence.

The other thing is that I took Layla to get a hair cut today and they put bows in her hair which was the cutest thing ever. I still think it's weird when people put clothes on their dogs, but you have to admit she's adorable. I am so dressing her up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween.

ahh, she's so cute!!!
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