Monday, December 05, 2005



Somehow, I just became old. I grew up in the generation which used the word "geek" as someone who really knew a subject- in a lovable dorky way. Thus "geeking out" meant you were really excited about something involving your subject or something dorky. Such as the people who buy Lord of the Rings stuff and went to the midnight showing of the movies.

Apparently the definition has now changed and it refers to someone who's high- normally on speed. I found this out by telling my sister that I was geeking out b/c someone linked to my blog. She told me never to say that again because it meant I was high.

My sister is only 6 years younger than me. How does she have a totally different language?

well ry, I'm with ya...I never knew it meant to be high either. Course, I've never used the term "geeking out" ever either. :)
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