Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Y'all want some car-a-mel?

According to this, I speak 55% Dixie. That sounds about right considering I was born in North Carolina, grew up in a mixture of Jersey and Connecticut and went back to Georgia for 10 years, then went to DC and ended up back in North Cackalacky. Not to mention that my Grandma is from Boston and is kinda proper and my Pop-pop grew up in Missourah. The weird part was that I canceled myself out I think. I would have 1 answer that was south, another that was Midwest, another that was New England and the last would be common to the US except the south/New England.

I pretty much pronounce words however I feel like it. For example I don't say "Milk" to rhyme with "Silk". It's more like "Melk" kinda like "felt" with a "k". I do the "I" to "e" with pillow and Crispix cereal too. Also, when I get sleepy, the southern comes out more, or I get a random New York accent. I also pick up the accents of the people to whom I am talking. I don't know why I do that, but I do.

If you found that quiz interesting, here are some more questions similar in nature:
1- What do you call the silver metal thing you put dirt in?
2- What is the thing attached to your house outside where water comes out?

I used to remember more of those, but they were from a linguistics class I took my sophomore year of college, so I, umm, don't.

1- Bucket = south; Pail = north
2- Spigot = south; Faucet = north

One more thing that annoys me. People who intentionally spell "y'all" like "ya'll". It's not an abbreviate for ya all, it's short for you all. Look at where the letters you're taking out are. It's "Y'all".

according to your quiz, I'm 100% dixie!!!!!!!!!! :)
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