Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Angels were out tonight

Layla has a tendency to run away. She always comes back, normally within 30-45 minutes. If you chase her, she won't come back unless you're in the car. In September, her tags broke off her collar at my cousin's house. She mailed them back to me, but they broke through the envelope and are gone. Her "G" tag too. I replaced her name tag right after Thanksgiving.

Tonight we went on a walk and I had her on a pincher collar to help train her not to pull on the leash. The collar slipped and she tore off down the road near a "main" street (I say "main" because more than 10 cars drive there an hour). I went down the road in the car to try and track her down near some woods, but she wasn't there. Over 2 hours passed when I got a call from Christine. She had Layla in her car at her job across the street from where Layla slipped the collar. She said a lady screamed and Layla freaked out and almost got hit by a car before she turned towards Christine. Christine keeps dog food in her car because she works at a shelter as well. Christine was my guardian angel tonight. God, please do a little something extra for her. I wish I had asked which shelter she worked at so that I could at least have made a donation, but I didn't think about it until I got back home.

Sometimes we forget there are great people out there and sometimes we forget that small miracles happen everyday. Tonight I got my miracle in the form of Christine. Don't overlook your miracles and don't give up the opportunity to be someone else's.

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