Thursday, January 12, 2006



Maybe you read the last post and wondered why it was titled "My feet hurt". It would have made sense if I hadn't been tired while writing it, thus leaving out the 2 paragraphs explaining why my feet hurt.

So, after I tried on the dress and decided it looked like a black potato sack, I tried on a bridesmaid's dress I had from a friend's wedding a few years ago (Good lord, I think they celebrate their 3rd anniversary in May- so fast!) to make sure it still fit. As I was trying to hang it back up in the closet, I tripped over a pair of shoes and fell into the closet. While trying to regain my balance, I somehow stepped on my right foot with my left foot and knocked myself back over. My right foot was stuck under a hamper.

So basically I strained my left ankle and stepped on the arch of my right foot. And that's why they hurt. My left one is ok, and was ok after about an hour. My right arch, on the inside of my foot, has a small bruise. But it was warm enough today to wear flip-flops so I didn't have anything pressing on it and I'm sure it won't hurt by tomorrow.

Moral of the story...I'm a klutz.

I don't know whether I should comment on the fact that you're retarded or that I hate you b/c it was warm enough for you to wear flipflops.
so did sarah's bridesmaid dress still fit?
Yes it did. But, there is a small blood stain on the hem cause I took off my shoes when we went to the bar in Buckhead because of my blisters. Remember that?
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