Friday, January 27, 2006


A few things

First of all- Congrats Mathios family on the newest one!

Next, I have discovered grape Smirnoff and it is tasty. Like soda. But with alcohol.

Tomorrow is my birthday and KT and I were discussing that we are old. And it's true. And that's not fun. I always thought I'd be married, in a house, with 2 kids by now. And, umm, I have a dog. And a chair that I actually bought- a cute one. And new dishes from my momma. Square ones.

My brother and sister had a debate about whether or not they should make me a cake for my birthday. Apparently, the cake lost. Although knowing my sister, I'm sure she will try to change his mind. But no biggie b/c Becky and Monica made me cupcakes and a cake respectfully. Because they are cool.

And I've decided that I am scared to death about actually finding a job and working so now I must come up with another graduate degree so that I don't have to actually get a job. How hard is dental school?

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