Tuesday, January 03, 2006


List of stuff

Has anyone else noticed that when she's dancing at the end of Center Stage, Jodie Sawyer looks an awful lot like Jennie Garth?

The sugar and salt scrubs from Bath & Body Works are awesome. I especially love the Moonlight Path Scent. Peony is pretty good too as are some of the aromatherapy smells. I don't like lotions etc that smell like fruit or pudding.

I am excited about the new television watching that will go on in 2006. Right now my viewing schedule is as follows:
Monday- Wildfire; Gauntlet 2
Tuesday- Gilmore Girls; House; Meet the Barkers
Wednesday- One Tree Hill; Project Runway
Thursday- The OC; Everwood
Friday- TBD
Saturday- Random
Sunday- If Housewives gets better I'll keep watching; maybe Grey's Anatomy

Some comments about the shows: Junior Davis is hot. Meet the Barkers is awesome. I love watching them because they are so weird that it's almost normal. I hope Andre gets cut soon because he is annoying. Nick rules. Marissa needs to go away and so does Johnny. Ephram needs a haircut and I love Bright- still. The WB needs to stop using the term "fresh" when saying they have a new episode airing. It's creepy.

I am also looking forward to "Ice Skating with the Stars" because I am hoping Uncle Joey drops Nancy Kerrigan on her head. That would be awesome.

And as always shows like The Family Guy, That 70s Show and Dog will be watched when I am able. The amount of shows should clue you in to why I don't have TiVo. I would watch TV all day. And that would be fine with me except for the fact that I have to study in order to make good grades so that I can find a job. Hopefully a job that will allow me to watch obscene amount of TV and comment about it. That would be awesome.

I am seriously trying to think about school. I did my work for tomorrow and my stomach is already churning. I need to remember to buy notebooks. College ruled.

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