Wednesday, January 11, 2006


My feet hurt

Today I got my order from Old Navy - $5 shipping rocks! I got this dress because I thought maybe I could wear it somewhere. Not that I ever wear dresses, but I figured it was simple and clean lined and would look cute.

Not so much. You pretty much have to have an hour glass figure to wear stuff like that. I have the boobs to pull it off, but not a narrow enough waist. Or my torso is too long. Something's just not right and so it looks like I'm wearing a giant potato sack. Which sucks because it's on sale and because the skirt part of it looked good and made my legs looks cute. Most dresses make my legs look shorter than they are.

oh my gosh, that dress is adorable!
Feel free to order it. You'd actually probably look good in it because your waist is much smaller than your boobs and hips- very hourglassish. You should try it- but I don't think they have it in a size small enough for you. Bitch.
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