Tuesday, January 10, 2006


The one where I talked about underwear and peeing your pants

So today I wore boy shorts. Some boy shorts fit nicely and are actually more comfortable than regular underwear. Others are, well, not so good. The day started off with a wedgie before I even put my pants on. Thus I knew I was in for some problems. I basically forgot about it until about midday. That's when I had to pee for the first time that day (I don't drink enough water). After that, instead of the perma-wedgie, the boy shorts decided they'd had enough and began to fall. Now you can't just reach down your pants and hike them up in the middle of class so I tried the wriggle. This is similar to when you have a wedgie that you want to get out. That just made them slide lower. Then I had to talk to some people before I could leave school. At this point, my underwear were below my ass. When I got home, they were at about mid-thigh. So here's my question: Would you rather have a wedgie all day, or have your underwear slide down your butt?

Which brings me to my second topic. Has anyone forgotten they were wearing underwear/didn't remember to pull them down and peed through your underwear? Because my mother has, more than once. So have some of the ladies she works out with and various other friends and relatives. I have never done this. It's not like they were in a car and couldn't pull off so they peed themselves because they had to, oh no: They couldn't feel the underwear. Does your ass lose feeling when you hit 40 or something?

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no ryan, that has never happened to me.
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