Friday, January 20, 2006


Velveeta TV

So I watched a "movie' tonight which was the cheesiest thing I think I've ever seen. It was so awful that it was basically awesome. And that movie was...High School Musical! It stars the slightly annoying girl from Suite Life of Zack and Cody and the cut who desperately needs a haircut from Summerland. Yes, I'll be 26 next week and yes, I watch Disney channel movies. Do you really have a problem with that?

See, I've been a fan of almost all of the Disney channel movies. Let's go back shall we?
My first foray into the Disney Channel Original Movies was Parent Trap II. An annoying red haired girl tried to get Hayley Mills to marry her dad. Hayley was first endeared to me in the first Parent Trap and then as Miss Bliss on Saved By the Bell. She then shot that all to hell when I saw her in the musical "King and I" where she played Anna and butchered the role. It was horrible. I still have nightmares about the singing.

The came Anne of Avonlea which was great, except that I liked the ones that PBS did better. I did read all the books in that series- there's like 42. I moved on to the Emily of New Moon series too. Girl could write.

I don't recall watching Danny the Champion of the World, but I sure as heck read it. RIP Roald Dahl.

Then there is one of my all time favorites- Brink! A roller blader (is that how to spell that?) who is a "Soul Skater" and his gang of dorky friends compete against Val and the "sell outs". I don't know why I enjoy it as much as I do. Maybe because Pup & Suds sponsors the team.

Johnny Tsunami - surfer from Hawaii moves where there is snow and learns to snowboard with Jett Jackson. His crazy grandpa calls him Puna and goes "Eeee!" I actually bought a copy of this for my cousin because she too loves the Disney movies.

Then comes Alley Cats Strike - Jett Jackson is in this one too- as an all star sports guy who befriends some dorks to learn how to bowl to get the golden apple. Yes, all that was true. Watch it. This one wasn't the best, but the shirts were fun.

Next we go to Motocrossed where a girl dirt biker pretends to be her brother and breaks the gender barrier of motorcross. Excellent. My cousin and I saw "Radio" together and knew one of the guys and finally placed him because of his role in Motocrossed.

Then there is Double Teamed with twin basketball players. It wasn't my favorite, but it was alright.

There is also the Lizzie McGuire movie with pre-horse face Hilary Duff and Cadet Kelly- also pre-faux chompers. The Lizzie McGuire movie almost doesn't count as it was released as a real movie and not just on TV, but I'm including it because it is cheese at it's finest. Italian boy, geeky friend who helps out and then falls for the girl who eventually falls for him, highjinks, mean teacher, plot twist; check, check, check, check and ehh I saw that one coming.

Next is Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-off. A boy likes to cook- gasp! And he makes some kind of chicken bbq sauce or something with grape jelly I think. It's just like all of the other ones. And yet, still great.

Last is Go Figure- a "twirl girl" learns how to be a team player when forced to play on the girls hockey team to get a scholarship at a school with a great figure skating coach. Her brother is a hockey player and feels left out and then makes a robot to war with the zamboni while his sister is trying to...wait for in the game and skate in the competition at the same time! Hilarity ensues.

But seriously, cheesy Disney or ABC family channel (tomato, tomato - that doesn't work as well written) movies are great. Especially when you are feeling blue. So rock on Disney movies, rock on.

Are there any other awesomely cheesy movies I should watch?

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