Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Family bonding

Sometimes my brother says or does something that makes me realize how much I love him. I didn't send him the meme because I was pretty sure he wouldn't fill it out. My cousin did send it to him and some of his responses made me laugh out loud:

2. JR's. This place was cool except according to [me] I still smell like bacon because of it ... [and he actually got rid of most of the bacon related stuff- like his old comforter and the truck]
3. Hans Hoover, Landscape escape. Hans is insane and leaves three to five minute messages on my phone about nothing. Hope alls well with your family, I hope your mom had a good mothers day, hope your roommate's brother's ankle is feeling better, you can reach me on the landline or on my mobile if you can't make it, we're putting in a nice fescue blend for next to Jason's tomorrow, etc. If you haven't met Hans your missing out. (By the way he used to be an air traffic controller so, here's to safety.)
4. Pizza K. Lets put it this way. I once put my finger in the dough masher so I could go home early.

Movies- which he switched to video games:
1. Dr. Mario - Look he's a doctor and his name is Mario...

Places he's lived:
1. Georgia Tech dorms. My roommate was some dildo from New Jersey...
3. The shithole in Decatur...there were good things, like the twenty-four hour taco stand and the Mexican ice cream guy who sold fruitbars rather than ice cream from some little cart...

TV Shows:
3. San Diego Beach Patrol - Court TV - badass

I don't eat "dishes" so these are four of my favorite places to eat.
1. World's greatest sandwich shop. They claim to have the best French Onion soup in the world and not only am I skeptical about that, but what moron would order French Onion soup when you could get a perfectly good Dublin Club (lightly toasted with no tomato) [I have to say that it was a damn good sandwich, although I did get tomato]

4 sites:
I don't use the internet that much, I'm not real good at it.

I suppose you'd have to know my brother for some of these to make you laugh, but they are funny to me and that's what counts.

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