Sunday, February 26, 2006


This could only happen to my mother

Today my mom was in an AllState commercial. You've seen them. The ones where it's a true story and they show some dumb ass do something and then the AllState agent helps them out. That was my mom today. Except for the AllState part.

Our driveway is probably about 20 feet long (I'm not too good with distance so it might be longer) and it pretty steep. At the end of the driveway are 6 or 7 holly bushes that are actually more like trees now. Behind them is a 12 foot drop to the back yard.

My mom pulled into the driveway and stopped at the top to get the mail. She thought she had put the car in park, but as she was reaching into the mailbox, she saw the car pull away and roll down the hill. She ran after the car and tried to jump in the open door. She only got one foot in, then fell out. The car ran over her foot and dragged her down the driveway for a little bit. The car then turned to the right a tad and ran into the biggest holly tree and stopped.

My mom is fine, the car is fine, the holly bushes are shredded and so is my mom's boot. But seriously, how the hell do you run yourself over?

My mom has problems with cars. She ran one car through the wall in the garage as she was backing out. We had a hole in the laundry room for a few days until my dad fixed it. She also ran one car into another one of our cars and dented both. Somehow insurance paid to fix both of them.

The sad part is, my brother was telling me this story, and as she hadn't called me yet, I knew she was ok. So my first instinct was to laugh. And when I called to make sure she really was ok, I couldn't help but burst out laughing. I mean come on. It's funny.

ryan, geez, that's scary! how badly is she hurt?!
She's not hurt at all. She thinks it's funny too. She was like I'll bet it looked hilarious, but nobody was standing around watching it.
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