Friday, March 10, 2006


5 thumbs all ehh

This week was spring break. I have not watched a movie in a theater or a rental since Christmas. I don't like to go to movies alone and my brother, "doesn't do movies" and my sister is 90 minutes away and doesn't have a car. Fate didn't think that was good for my upkeep of random stuff so I got coupons for movie rentals in the mail on Monday. I watched 5 movies (not including random ones on TV) over the last 4 days. Here's what I thought:

1-Goblet of Fire. It was ok. I thought it went a little too fast in the beginning- just breezed through everything. Now I know stuff needed to be cut out- and thank god the stupid elves, or whatever Dobby was, are gone- but if they were going to not focus on anything, they just should have skipped right to the school or something. Krum looked alright though and the first 2 events of the tourney were good. Voldemort was awesome- the make-up, the voice, it was exactly as it should have been. The new Dumbledor is just not as good- sorry dude. Looks-wise it's forgivable, but the voice is all wrong. Work on the accent bub.

I didn't like the last tri-wizard event though. I couldn't see anything and it sounded mildly like porno. This brings me to another point- why are movies so dark- literally? Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and LOTR are the worst, but there are a bunch of others too. The backgrounds are so dark that I have to squint to see what's going on. I get "drama" or whatever, but come on! Lighten it up. This happened tonight on the OC too- when Ryan and that new chick were driving there was a 5 minute period where I couldn't see either of their faces. If people wanted to listen to stories without seeing stuff we'd still be listening to Little Orphan Annie on the radio.

2- Prime. It was ok. I actually didn't care for the ending. I don't think I wanted it to be cliche, but something was just eh- like they didn't know how to end it so it just stopped. But JAKE is hot. I told KT that she had to watch it just for the shirtless JAKE scenes. As should all girls who like hot boys- cause damn.

3- Elizabethtown. Eh. Not that great. I really liked the scenes when my future husband and Kirsten were talking on the phone and I especially liked the memorial service. But really, who puts together a road trip like that with polaroids etc. and 40 hours of music in a few days. That was borderline psychotic. The best part once again is the hotness. Orlando gives me the feelings. I had that as an away message and my sister said it was creepy. Oh well.

4- Bad News Bears. The one with Billy Bob not Walter. Some movies shouldn't be remade. At least until they're really 'out". Like Oceans 11. Not many people from my generations remember that movie. Plus they changed some parts and updated it. BNB was basically like they reread the old script. Some good additions: the kid in the wheelchair... and that's about it. There were a few funny lines, but nothing memorable. The new Kelly Leek just wasn't hard core enough- in the first one when Kelly (warning- yikes!) talks to the older lady and is like, "I got a motorcycle. A Harley Davidson. Does that turn you on?" it's awesome. When this schmo asks the Hooters waitress if she has a boyfriend, nothing. The worst addition is the "new" Tanner. No comparison at all. Basically all I have to say is that sometimes old school is better and this was one of those times.

5- Wedding Crashers. I had heard both good and bad reviews about this movie. Some parts were downright hysterical. And I love both Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. So I think this was my favorite of the 5. Some parts were a little boring and it wasn't as good as Dodgeball, but I still laughed out loud more than once which makes it good in my book. The Rules were pretty funny, as were the back stories. I liked the bets during the wedding too. Mainly I just like the two guys.

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