Thursday, April 27, 2006



2 seemingly random things brought together by alcohol:

First- stupid Steven is off of Top-Chef! Yay! That guy was such an ass. It's one thing to want to educate people, but he was so snotty and patronizing. I would leave if I ever went to a restaurant and the owner, waiter whatever talked to me like he did.

Second- check it out. I don't know how I feel about that. I think it's good that the University is taking a proactive step towards curbing excessive drinking, but I think they might be going too far with suspension from school from 2 drinks. I have an issue with the whole having to be 21 to drink thing- I think the age should be 18 which would solve a lot of the problems. I really don't drink that much anymore and I think a lot of people get over it in a few years. Yea I had fun in college and I definitely had too much on more than one occasion, but I think that's part of going to college. To make mistakes and learn from them. I think calling people's parents isn't going to deter many (if any) people from drinking and I think kicking someone out of school for having a beer in their dorm room is a little excessive.

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