Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Movies that make me cry

As my comment to this post got longer and longer, I figured I'd just scrap most of it and write a post. Sometimes I cry at off spots in movies, sometimes I don't cry in places normal people cry. I've always been a weird crier so I'll split them into catogories.

Wellers (the vision gets a little blurry, but a blink or two and we're all good)
Crash - when the little girl talks to her dad
The Patriot - when the little girl yells "Papa, Papa"
Harry Potter - when Neville gets the points

Wipers (eyes well up and require a swipe with a the hand)
Homeward Bound - when they come through the woods and Jamie starts going "Chance, here boy" Plus, Michael J Fox does a kick ass voice over, so does Sally Field.

Leakers (tears stream - at least 3 streaks down the cheek)
Rudy - I know, but I can't help it at the end when he sacks the guy.
Invincible - Something about sports movies.

All out bawlers (theses normally only happen at home, but require Kleenex)
The Cure - when he puts the shoe in the river - oh my god. My mom thought I had fallen down the stairs or something I was crying so hard. Although I must have been in some weird place that day, because when I saw it again I didn't cry as much.

I will have to update this I'm sure with stuff I am forgetting to put on there, or when a new movie comes out.

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