Monday, June 05, 2006


When you step into a Chevy and your pants are kinda heavy

I should have said, "When your dog eats lots of chicken and her butt stank's really kickin'" because this morning when I woke up there was diarrhea, diarrhea.

Based on the lack of posts for the last 3 1/2 weeks, you could probably tell I was out of town. I went on a family vacation to Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) with my family. Spent a couple of days in Atlanta before and after. There will be more about the trip soon.

Back to the poop. So yesterday my mom decided to make some chicken so that I wouldn't have to stop at a fast food place on the way home. Well she had put 8 cooked thighs on a plate on the stove in the kitchen to let them cool. She walked back in about 20 minutes later and the plate hadn't been moved, but there were no pieces of chicken in sight. We didn't know which dog (Layla or my mom's dog Teak) had done it, as neither had the guilty face. However this morning when I woke up I knew Layla had at least been a co-conspirator.

It was awful. I actually threw up from the smell. Then I went to work. When I came home at 5, the smell greeted me at the door. She had gone again. Luckily the majority of the nastiness was on the kitchen floor and not the carpet. However I felt kind of bad, as it was bloody from the chicken bones.

So I decided to be a nice mommy and went to CVS. I think I need to clarify that I was in shorts and have not shaved my legs in over 2 months, which grosses my sister out to no end. Nobody in the store even noticed. The guy at the counter did give me a strange look as all I bought was an 8 roll pack of paper towels, pepto bismol and air freshener. I can't say that I blame him on that.

So the kitchen is cleaned, sanitized and mopped and the carpet has treatment products on it. I hope it won't have to be replaced.

I just wish dogs would associate eating chicken and bloody poop. They don't though, at least not in my experience.

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