Friday, July 07, 2006


Naked Dog

If you live in Alpharetta, do not take your dog to the Petco on States Bridge. I took Layla there the day before I came back to NC. I wanted to get her hair cut. I had taken her to a Petsmart and asked for her hair to be cut short before, they cut it like a lab and she looked adorable. I asked the Petco people for the same thing and specifically said, "Not to the skin". When I picked the dog up, she was naked. Her body is a totally different color than her head. She looks better now that it's been a few days and now that I've gotten used to it. However, they did the same cut to our 10 year old retriever Teak. It looks bad. She's old so she has loose dog skin and tumors (both from cancer and general old age). I seriously told my mom she needs to put sun screen on the dog before she can go outside. Poor poor T.

Also, I use advantix on Layla and every time I out it on her she goes freakin nuts and runs around the house and rolls on towels or whatever is handy. Do you think she could be allergic to it? It only seems to bother her the first day. Opinions?

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