Friday, July 21, 2006



I know it's been awhile, but I've been busy at work and I can't/don't want to write about that. So I've been watching the Simple Life, Til Death Do Us Part every once and awhile this summer. I have decided that if I had children and had to leave them with either Paris or Nicole, I'd pick Nicole.
First of all, she's nowhere near the biotch that Paris is, and she flat out admits that she's bitchy. I think I'd be less likely to want to punch Nicole in the face than Paris. Plus she makes me laugh.
Second, with Nicole your kids might end up with tattoos, spiky hair and swearing like a sailor, but they'd be alive, which is more than I could say about Paris. Did you see the episode where she almost let that one kid drown and her assistant had to go in and get her? Paris, I believe, is also more likely to leave your kid somewhere.

You can probably feel these guy's pain. Check out the video.

The URL got chopped, try this one.
I saw something about that show on TV ironically, but I haven't actually watched it yet. Looks pretty funny.
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