Monday, July 24, 2006


Project Runway comments

I haven’t posted anything about this yet nor have I read the TWOP recaps yet, but these are my 2 cents about the new season. First of all I hate Heidi Klum because she is so freaking gorgeous. Tim Gunn is still the man. I love the new gays and the tattoo guy is already on my nerves. Milan was annoying the first episode, but he started to grow on me and I wish that Allison had left instead but I wanted to punch her when she was trying to talk to Kayne. I’ll side with her that Vincent was crazy and wasn’t really letting her help, but so what, deal with it lady. I hope the challenges get more fun soon. They really haven’t had anything too challenging. The first one pretty much just gave people fabrics from other stuff, but it wasn’t like lawn furniture or anything. Then again, I do like to see the pretty stuff they make when they get to use real fabrics. Oh well, I’m just glad it’s back on!

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