Friday, August 25, 2006



This has been my life for the last 2 weeks:

My desktop decided that it was time to let the virus it's had for a few months to go all crazy. Basically it had ebola and the computer ate itself. Now it won't turn on. I really hope that because I had it set up with 2 different drives, that the virus only attacked my C drive and that all my music and pictures on D weren't eaten as well. I have to make myself believe that or I will burst into tears.

My laptop, while virus free, was intended to be a backup computer, thus doesn't have a lot of memory and other things that make it go fast and thus is slow as dirt, making my life slow. Damn that was a long sentence.

School has been a pain in the neck. I haven't really done any of the work I should be doing and I don't have to drive to do it either. I am in charge of the Moot Court competition and have met with professors who are running me around in circles. Basically I have to sit on my hands until Wednesday before I do can stuff that should already be done.

I scared a bunch of 2Ls by telling that I would back over them with my car if they signed up to do the competition and then quit. I was only slightly kidding.

My boobs hurt and my face is breaking out from a combination of PMS and stress.

Sara came Monday night and on Tuesday we went to the movies at a cute little shopping center. I saw "Step Up" again and my love for Channing Tatum grows. I caved and bought "She's the Man" for $20 when I normally wait until they at least go to $13.

Matt took Sara and I on a tour of UPS and we got to see Jeff in action. I wish I had the picture of him in a vest, but Sara hasn't emailed it yet.

I feel guilty because I want to whine about something (yes, more than I've already done) and there is no reason I should feel bad about it. I feel worse because part of the reason I started to write this blog was so that I could have an outlet for pent up feelings and I don't feel I should write about this.

The geniuses behind the academic calendar decided that the only times groups should meet are a 2 hour block on T/Th. Of course I only have classes on MWF, meaning I have to leave work/court early or get back late so that I can sign on to help with a blood drive or a bake sale. It's frustrating me because I think court is more important for my future (what with, you know, wanting to be a lawyer) but I have already committed myself to some groups and I can't stand people that drop stuff just because something better comes along.

I'm sad that Robert is "out", but I liked that Jeffrey actually felt something nice about someone. Kayne is now my baby daddy. I liked Heidi's outfits better when she was knocked up.

I've read about 6 Nora Roberts books and I think they have seriously warped my idea of how meeting someone should go. If I don't instantly hate and want to have sex with someone at the same time, I know we won't end up together and that just doesn't seem right. Plus I don't anyone who owns a castle, a horse, a vineyard who also pretends he has no money and has adopted the 6 kids of his best friend who was tragically killed in a boating accident saving his life. So basically I'm screwed.

All in all, I'm feeling meh.

Ryan, I love you. I really do. Thank you for being you.
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