Monday, August 07, 2006


Made my week

My internet has been down for the last 2 weeks. Apparently, when they installed my cable, a temporary splitter was used. According to the fixer guy, lightening struck it, fried it and that's why I got no signal. Now I have a new splitter towards my house and the modem's going strong.

My friend called me tonight and basically made my week for things that are funny. She was leaving her night class and a man, dressed in a 3 piece white suit with a hat, stepped out of his car and asked her to talk with him. He said she was beautiful yada yada and asked what she did. She told him and asked what he did. He replied, "I am in the business of ladies." She asked, "as in hos" and he responded, "some people call it that".

He then asked for her number. Seeing the look on her face, he added, "I meant so you could be my lady" and asked if she wanted his card. She said she was in a relationship and that she didn't want his card, but thanks.

When she told me that she was hit on by an actual pimp, I laughed for about 2 minutes without breathing. This brings up the next question I asked her, and now pose to you. If he was actually trying to recruit you as one of his hos, would you be flattered, insulted or a combination?

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