Sunday, September 03, 2006


Dear Lord I hope so

I went to this site this morning and plugged in my name. Apparently my slogan is "There's more than one way to eat a RyRy" which led to the title of this post.

In other news, how much do I love that college football season is here. I teared up at GameDay yesterday, that's have excited I am. My boys are back! I love college football. Everyone is invested in a team and the excitement levels are way up. there are chants and pageantry and Mark Richt. Plus the season is large enough to get in some goods games, but short enough that you care about each and every game. I miss being between the Hedges (that sounds kind of dirty), but at least I get to see the games. Plus I can use the WolfPack as my substitute and it works pretty well as the colors are about the same.

Georgia kicked some Western Kentucky butt yesterday (sorry I didn't call KT). The QBs looked ok, I'm glad they all got some playing time at least. I can't believe Notre Dame won, that was a BS game. I got sweet tickets to the State game and got home after 1 am with only a mild sunburn to the right side of my face and a cut on my foot. Not a bad weekend.

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