Monday, January 08, 2007


I'm back

Sorry, I know it's been a long time, but my home computer is very slow and my "work" coputer wasn't connected to the internet for a long time. It's still not connected, but I have about an hour before my night class and needed something to do. I don't have most of my books yet, so I couldn't do something productive. So I am sitting in the computer lab, which I don't like to do when I blog, becasue, while basically anyone can read this, it makes me feel violated somehow if people can read it over my shoulder while I am typing. Plus most people at my school do not know about my blog and I enjoy keeping it that way.

Although it's been like 3 months since my last blog, not much has changed in my life. I think that's anotehr reason why I never updated. My last semester of law school has started and I am more nervous than ever about finding a job and actually practicing law.

I got a shock collar with a remote for the dog. It works fairly well, although she has run a few times. I have only done the low levels and mainly use the noise only feature. I have actually shocked relatives more than the dog (or they shocked themselves). Level 4 actually hurts, but the others aren't too bad.

I got a new version of Family Feud on DVD and $100,000 Pyramid, which I played last weekend with my siblings and Matt (aka second brother). As usual we turned Pyramid into a drinking game by making the "giver" drink after each category.

We also had to help my sister move back to school. She has an on-campus apartment with a small kitchen, tub and balcony. It's nicer than my apartments in DC and MD. Bitch. We moved half her stuff by throwing it up to the second floor and catching it. It was much easier to lift the futon than I would have been to carry up the steps.

I also realized (not for the first time) how much easier it is to cook with other people there. I made lots of good meals and had salads and stuff. So I need to find someone who will come over and eat with me.

Ok, well my class is actually starting in a few minutes and I want a good seat as I can't really see anymore and need an adjustment on my lasiks. I will try to update more often, but no promises.

oh my goodness gracious...she is back. I didn't think it would ever happen but apparently she has. Welcome back! I can't tell you how much I missed you :)
So after I hung up with you on Wed night, I watched 10 mins of OTH and then my TV went retarded so I haven't seen most of it. You'll have to update me. K? Welcome back!
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