Tuesday, January 30, 2007


So I lied

Ok, so I said I would post more often and I didn't. Sue me.

I have been sick for a week with an upper respiratory infection. That's been super. Today I finally got an antibiotic so hopefully I will not be coughing anymore.

I went to Raleigh on Saturday and spent my birthday weekend with my brother and sister playing Scrabble. It was nice. Jeff cooked us dinner, we played spades with Matt, Sam actually hung out with us, we had a fire. Good times.

My trial is Thursday and I have done no work for it. I don't really care too much since it is a pass/fail class for 1 hour of credit and my client isn't a real person and there is not real money. I would prefer not to look like a total idiot though, so I will need to work on it.

I will now share my love of the ABC Family show "Wildfire". I can't help it, I love it. The only thing that annoys me is the promos. They keep putting clips together don't go actually go in sequence to make "cliffhangers" which never pull through. It's stupid. So knock it off ABC Family.

I also have been enjoying the show "Dirt" on FX. Courtney Cox is smoking hot on that show and it's pretty interesting. Although it's starting to get a little repetitive so something new needs to happen soon.

What else...Katie and Brian are stopping by this weekend on their way to a cruise. That should be fun. Now that I am on drugs, maybe I will be able to clean the house. I will not have time to clean the dog however, so they will just have to deal with that.

hey ry, you don't have to clean for us...especially if you're sick! geez, now I feel bad :)
Happy Belated Birthday! I sent you a myspace message...hope you got it. See you in a few days! love you!
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