Monday, February 05, 2007


Early morning

This was a fun weekend. Katie and Brian stayed at my house on Friday night and we went out for Mexican. It was nice getting to see them and I hope they have fun on their cruise. Another good thing about their visit was that I was forced to at least minimally clean my house, including the refrigerator because Katie likes to look in people's fridges and cabinets and stuff.

Becky and I saw Because I Said So on Saturday. It was pretty good. Very much like the last Diane Keaton movie Something's Gotta Give. I thought it'd be a little funnier, but it was still good.

Layla has scratched the area around one of her eyes which had me looking up to see if dogs can get pink eye. Apparently they can. I really hope she doesn't have that, but as her eye isn't goopy, I'm guessing she doesn't. Hopefully she will stop scratching it and it will heal up without having to go to the vet because I can't really afford to do that right now.

I have also rediscovered the fact that I am not a morning person. I had an early class today and got up an hour earlier than normal, which is not early by a lot of standards. I have been sluggish all day and can't wait to take a nap, although as I won't be getting home until 6:30 or so, it's probably not a good idea.

I have no idea why that reminded me of this, but I need to make copies of some forms. That (the one thing having a random connect to another) my friends, means I am becoming my mother.

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