Thursday, February 22, 2007


Global warming does sneaking out the back

It's sad when the best part of an event is sneaking out the backdoor. Last night I went to a banquet for a Judge. It was boring as crap. So I, along with my friend and her son, snuck out a back exit near the craft services and ran across the grass so that nobody would see us. Then we went to Wendy's. I say we did out job because we put in an appearance, shook some hands etc. but got out before the boring speech. And I made it home in time for One Tree Hill. Peyton is a bitch btw. And Luke's hair is awful.

I am writing a paper about enhanced felony sentencing for one of my classes, which brings up a different class that I had this week. Police officers and defense attorneys came to the class to talk about stuff. I asked if any of them had ever had a case that made them want to quit and if so how they overcame that feeling. One of the LEOs said that the worst case he had ever had was a fight between 2 roommates. He said when he walked into the house, the dead roommate's head was sitting on the coffee table. The live one cut off the other's one's head with a butcher knife, stabbed him 120 times, cut out his heart and stomped on it, then turned himself into some off-duty officers. He got 12 years in jail. The officer said it was hard to see that because of all the horrible stuff that he did, he only got 12 years because it was 2nd degree. But he said all that made him want to do was work harder to improve the system.

On a totally different note - global warming rocks. It is February 22nd and it's 70 degrees outside and sunny. Dandelions are in my year. I am wearing a t-shirt and flip-flops. It's awesome. Although we're supposed to get a cold front soon. I have not worn a coat all year! Woo!

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