Wednesday, February 28, 2007



My spring break basically starts today (with the exception that I have to teach a middle school class tomorrow morning). I am going to DC with my women in law group from Monday until Wednesday. It should be fun.

I was planning on meeting my DC peeps for dinner here, because they have the best margaritas ever. But they are closed! Which I found out today - so sadness. Now we have to find somewhere else. Boo.

I need a haircut. Layla is getting hers done on Saturday. I might too. But not at PetSmart.

* The "here" is Red Sage, sorry I didn't post the link before.

you didn't say where you were going to dinner!!!!
Umm...While I love doing things with my dog....It is a 200% NO NO to get your hair cut at the same place with your dog!!!!!

And yes, you did not say where here was.....
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