Friday, March 09, 2007


DC Trip

This week was my last spring break in law school (so probably forever). I went with our Women in Law group to DC. Overall I had a great time. There were a few bitchy people, but they weren't with us very often. I now have horrible blisters on my toes from walking in heels, but it was worth it.

On Monday we got to DC and I went with the 1L boys and Monica and we saw various Smithsonian museums and rode the carousel on the Mall. That night I went to dinner with Sarah, Dave, Bryson, Katie and Brian. You can read more about that here, and like my comment said, it was a zillion degrees on the 3rd floor. After eating with my DC peeps, I met my WIL peeps and we tried to find karaoke, but ended up here, for salsa night. Twas fun.

On Tuesday we got up early and met our Congressman, Bob Etheridge. His office took us on a tour of the Capitol building. We then went to Cosi where I had a hummus and veggie sandwich which was quite tasty. Then we did a Supreme Court tour and met the clerk, Mr. Souter (no relation). Then the 1Ls and us rode simulators at Air & Space. That night Katie picked me up after work and we all had dinner at her house.

Bryson was much happier that night. Super drooly. We did typical stuff that our group does, which means we watched Jeopardy and looked at sex books. Again, twas fun.
Wednesday morning we woke up really early and went to the White House. Apparently they've changed the rules and now a Congressperson has to get you into the building, but once you're in, it's a self-guided tour. It was very boring. I was disappointed because I remember going when I was about 7 and it was better. Oh well. We then went to the White House museum and almost went to a psychic, but it was weird.
I also learned that Monica is an awesome person with whom to road trip. She sings loud and doesn't listen to too much crap and no books on tape either!
I stayed at Jeff's last night and he, Matt, Sam and I watched Borat. My face hurt I was laughing so hard. I agree with Irwin, he should have won an Oscar. That's about all for my spring break. Now I have to write 3 papers in 3 weeks - woo!

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