Saturday, March 03, 2007



I am in Raleigh this weekend because Jeff is dog-sitting Layla for me while I go to DC. I like coming up here most of the time because it's nice to be around other people who I am completely comfortable with and just hang out. However, when I come up, I like to do stuff. It seems pointless to me to be around other people and just sit. Sometimes that's alright, but most of the time I figure that I can do that at my house and can save $25 in gas. Plus my house doesn't smell like boy and I always have enough clean spoons so that I don't have to eat ice cream out of the carton with a fork. I am not saying it didn't taste good, it's more principle of the thing. My brothers (i.e. Jeff & Matt) played Scrabble and Scategories with me yesterday and a little bit today. And Jeff and I played horseshoes, but now I am just sitting around.

Layla got her hair cut today and she is naked again. I like getting her shaved because that means I can get her hair cut about every 4 months instead of every 2. They also put purple bows in her hair. I took pictures with a cheapo camera that had like 3 exposures left, so I'll post a pic when I get them developed.

I got 4 movies today at Blockbuster (where we ran into Jeff's ex). I got Talledega (?) Nights, Harry Potter 4, Pirates 2 and Barnyard. There were probably 4 other movies I could have gotten (it was a 2 for 2 deal), but I am "trying" to save money. Which means that I spent $70 at AC Moore. But I got a lot of cute stuff, including an $8 Vera Bradley knock-off that's brown and blue and super cute.

I go to DC early Monday and get back on Wednesday and will drive back here to get the pup because I don't like sleeping alone in my house. Which means Sunday night will suck all around. I need to do laundry before I go. I also need to remember that there is snow up there even though it is in the 70s here. But according to the news people, tomorrow is supposed to be cold. I am still sleeping with the window open anyways.

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