Wednesday, March 28, 2007



My friend Mon and I like to sing karaoke together. She likes to sing and I'll sing if I am drinking and nobody is in the bar. Last time we went I sang "Respect" and we did a duet of "Don't go breakin' my heart" and apparently we also sang "Love Shack" but I do not recall that.

Anyways, we were discussing our next karaoke trip and I said that my new song will be "Wake Me Up before you Go Go". This is how the conversation went:

Me: "My next song is by Wham...Wake me up before you go go"
Her: "Don't leave me hanging on a monkey's boho"
Me: "..."
Me: "ummm, did you say monkey's boho?"
Her: "Yea, wasn't I clever about coming up with something so quick?"
Me: "uh, monkey's boho? No."

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