Wednesday, April 11, 2007


3rd Annual Top-Shelf Easter Extravaganze

Yea. The majority of the top shelf couldn't make it down for Easter this year. So my siblings and my cousin Ann met at Jeff's house for the weekend. Roll only stayed until Saturday afternoon because she had to go to a TI concert - that's a whole nother subject.

Anyways, on Friday we watched Deal or No Deal for awhile on MSNBC. Then we went bowling with Matt, and by bowling I mean drunk bowling. And we placed bets on our drunk bowling abilities. And Adam, a worker at the bowling alley, joined in the betting and gave us free popcorn. Too bad he couldn't get us a free pitcher. I did not do as well this time as I did last time. I think I cared too much. I have a problem performing under pressure...with sports. Then we went to CiCi's (again) and ate too much (again). I forget what we did once we got home, but whatever it was didn't last too long and we went to bed.

On Saturday morning we watched old school American Gladiators in bed, then went to IHOP. After that we played Scene It, Scrabble & Scattegories for a really long time. Ann, Jeff & I ordered Chinese food and played more Scrabble & watched baseball. Later we played poker with Matt & Sam and at one point Jeff, Ann and I were sitting in the corner with a bowl over our heads. It was a long night.

Sunday morning Ann & I watched Harry Potter IV & Monster-in-Law. We went to QDoba (with the queso) with the boys and then watched Take the Lead & Parenthood & played more Scrabble. Later we played more Scrabble with Matt & then more Scattegories with Jeff too.

It was a food-filled, game-filled weekend and just what I needed.

Finals start in a week. My last finals of school. I am nervous. And actually studying so I probably won't post for awhile. Wish me luck!

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