Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Great Day, So Far

Today, so far, has been a great day. I woke up this morning at 11, got ready and ate this for brunch while watching Family Feud. The I got a call from the boys to meet them for bowling. I got gas (which was a low point, but I think the price is going to go up again and I got it at the same price it was yesterday, which is the best I can say about that), and listened to this CD which has a bunch of good sing alongs including these 2 songs which are some favorites. Although I was jonesing for this CD so that I could sing to this or this.

I met the boys at the alley and they have decided that bowling is their new hobby. The each bought shoes and have "bowling names". Jeff is Mike and Matt is Tony. Yea. I don't know either. We bowled 3 games and I got a 127 on my second one. Matt somehow pulled his "left ass" which made me crack up. Apparently the ass injury came about 2 years ago during a game of racket ball and now anytime he plays a sport where he has to abruptly stop, he "tweaks his ass". We also saw a high school bowling class some in with their female gym teacher who perpetuated every female gym teacher stereotype.

On the way home I got a flat bread salad from Quiznos and it's delicious. There is not a Quiznos near me, so I'm glad I remembered to stop. It has raspberry chipotle dressing which kicks ass. And flat bread which duh - good. I also got a diet SoBe and the cap told me I was beautiful so that's nice.

Then I saw this trailer and about died from awesomeness. I can't wait! Except for the fact that it opens 2 weeks before my bar exam. Hmm. Do I wait?

Then I finished my final paper for one of my classes and watched last night's Dancing with the Stars. So far, so good. Let's hope this post doesn't jinx it.

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