Thursday, May 24, 2007


Stupid names

I was reading another blog today and one of the commenter's names was "Ryananne". And that's just wrong. Even spell check said so.

I don't like names with extra syllables and letters just to make it cool. It's a waste of time. Katie is Katie - not Katy (that is pronounced cat ee and I don't care if you say it's Katie, it's not). I'm ok if you want to change something around a little bit - I prefer Ann without the "e" and Sara without the "h", but I'll deal - it's acceptable. Geoffrey is not. You will be Gee-off to me. I'm ambivalent about the Stephen/Steven debate.

Ryananne is a whole combination of wrong. Ryann is okay if you want to modify the name for a girl (although I prefer Ryan and it comes with the additional bonus of the double take). I've also heard it pronounced Ry ann (true, in Georgia it ends up sounding like Ron either way you spell it), but Ryananne is taking 2 first names and meshing them into one. I know that's a southern thing, but that's just bad because it basically sounds like you had an idiot for a parent who totally messed up the spelling of Ryan or hiccuped in the middle of pronouncing it and you got stuck with a hiccup name. Sorry dude, your name is dumb.

Ryan, I gotta disagree with you. I much prefer "everybody loves Raymond" over "Friends." sorry!
What is wrong with you? :)
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