Tuesday, May 29, 2007


TV needs new reruns

No, Everyone does not love Raymond. I am one of those people. The show isn't that bad; sometimes there are funny parts. But, it's not worth my viewing time. I'd rather watch another rerun of Friends, which still makes me laugh.

If TBS is all about a "new" re-run show instead of friends, why don't they pick something good where it'd almost be new to me - like Silver Spoons. I so wanted that train. Nick at Nite doesn't have enough good shows for my age group. All the shows are really old ones. They need to do what PAX (or whatever it's called) did with bringing back The Wonder Years.

On a side note, the dog just discovered that the floor in the bathroom is cooler and has taken to napping in there. Not the bathroom with a shower or bathtub, but the section of the bathroom with just the sink. Because god forbid if water touched her.

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