Wednesday, May 23, 2007


What's going on

So the day after graduation we started PMBR bar prep classes. PMBR is run by Kaplan. We take a simulated 50 question test in the morning in 1 of the 6 MBE (multi state bar exam) subjects. Then we grade it at lunch and see how poorly we did. Then we sit for 3 1/2 hours of lecture and go over the exam. That lasted for 6 straight days (Tues-Sun). Then we had Monday and Tuesday off and today we got our BarBri books (8 volumes weighing approx. 30 lbs - awesome). BarBri starts tomorrow and is daily M-F from 9-12:30. That covers mainly NC bar stuff, with some MBE thrown in too. We have already set up study groups and are planning on meeting at least 1 time per week for MBE and probably another 2 times for NC. Plus on Wednesday one professor is having an essay writing workshop. So basically my summer is going to blow.

One good thing is that Apollo won Dancing with the Stars - yay! Another good thing is that So You Think You Can Dance is starting again tomorrow (the bad thing is that I am supposed to study - oh well). I also started downloading from iTunes because I had some gift certificates and I bought the newest Gym Class Heroes album and I love it. Especially "Clothes Off" - it gets stuck in my head.

I have to send out thank you cards tomorrow and I need to remember to buy stamps. Stupid 41 cents. What else - oh, Grey's ending pissed me off. I hate Burke. That's just not cool. And I love Christina and Meredith's relationship. And, as I have said before, I can't stand George and Izzy's fake love interest - stop it! And Derek is a dick. And I will miss Addison. And I love Alex. I also have horrible heartburn and now I think I have an aortic dissection because of that show.

I bought new shoes on Monday. 2 pairs of flip flops and sneakers. Pink and gray ones. My dog needs a bath. I need to do whites. My friend Monica's bra broke today at lunch and she took it off because it was poking her and then we went to Belks and bought a new one.

I saw this today and I think it's awesome and I want to try it. I also think they should make a deodorant version b/c I'd be likely to use it as I like my body wash girly smelling. What else...I don't think there is anything else right now and this post has mainly been rambling anyway so forced rambling would be worse.

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