Thursday, June 07, 2007


I call BS

A few weeks ago, I was playing Never Have I Ever with my siblings and some of the Roll's friends.
One of her friends said, "Never have I ever...peed in the shower". And that's where I call BS.

Side note - don't play that game with your siblings unless you want to know things that you really didn't want to know about...unless you have some time machine that can erase your brain.

Additional side note - Roll and Jeff were "1" and "2" repecitvely (i.e. the first to 10 "wins"). They were also the only 2 to have been to jail. Go family!

Now, I am not saying that I frequently pee in the shower, but there is no way that I am going to deny it happening. At some point in their adult life, everyone has peed in the shower. I will not believe you if you say you haven't. Just like those people who say they've never lied; I say they're lying right then. Everyone has lied at some point in their life. Maybe it wasn't perjury, maybe it was over something little, but you lied, so don't say you didn't. Because you have. And you know it.

I also call BS on 24. I just don't buy it.

Also, I like the new Pepsi commercial that has the song about percentages and the puppy. I don't believe the percent and it won't make me switch to Pepsi (go diet Coke! and cherry Coke zero!) but the commercial is funny.

Additionally, Suave cocoa butter lotion doesn't smell like cocoa butter; it smells like cocoa. I'm serious. It smells like you opened a pack of chocolate instant pudding. And then rubbed it over your arms. Plus it lasts for awhile, so you end up smelling like pudding all day.

If anyone wants to know a law tidbit, police can follow a fleeing felon into someone else's house without a warrant if they're in hot pursuit. How hot? Real hot. (Sorry, that was really for Bex, who laughed so hard her eyes welled up when we discussed that as a possible answer to an essay question...yea we're dorks).

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