Monday, June 11, 2007



My siblings and I were planning on going camping at some point this summer. However everyone's weekends were booked. Then it just sort of fell out. Well this weekend, we all got together and played wiffle ball at Jeff's with Matt and Sam. Twas fun. We later played spades and Roll and I kicked ass.

Layla ran "away" to play with the neighbor's dog and as I was chasing her, I tripped over a tree root. Nothing broke or anything, but I had sticks in my hair and I found a leaf in my armpit when I took a shower later.

Jeff et al also invented a version of indoor bowling. They take coozies and put a baseball on the top of the coozies lined up in a typical bowling pin triangle shape. Then the use a "ball" made from a baseball, surrounded by tube socks and a dish towel and inserted into a Crown Royal pouch. It counts if you knock the ball off the coozie or if the coozie tips over.

There was another point that I wanted to make when I started to write this, but my eyes and brain are a little fuzzy from doing 8 hours of secured transaction work. Monday night needs better TV.

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