Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Crazy scary

It's scary. There is less than a month - 20 days - until I sit for the biggest test of my life. And I'm not ready. I am scared out of my mind. I've been having stomach problems for a week and sleep problems for a little longer, although the nightmares that some of my classmates are having having hit me yet.

The night before the bar, and the night in between the exams, I'll be staying at my brother's house. When I told my sister, she was very surprised and suggested I go elsewhere. My thought was that the boys are dumb enough to keep my mind off the exam, and maybe they will exhaust me to the point where I can sleep instead of toss & turn for 6 hours, looking at the clock every 15 minutes.

Hopefully, after taking more practice exams, I will feel more confident. But right now, I want to curl up in a ball and forget that I'm a 3L preparing to be a lawyer.

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