Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Jeff's b-day

Jeff's 26th birthday was this weekend. He drove to Baltimore with his roommates to watch the Orioles play. They then drove to Delaware and stayed with my family. I flew up on Thursday night and my cousin picked me up. On Friday I went with her to work and watched camp counselors play American Idol. We then met the boys at the Mets/Phillies game. They stayed for a double header and we went home and met another cousin and chatted. (Also happy birthday Dave!!)

On Saturday, which was Jeff's b-day, Ann & the boys went to Delaware Park (a "casino") and played video poker, slots & bet on horses. They all "broke about even". While they were gone, Sara, Bret & I went shopping for ribs, beer etc. for lunch & dinner that night. At the Zingo's check out line we found the best thing ever... a water balloon launcher. I did not know how much joy a $4 toy would bring. We set up an elaborate plot to attack the other people and filled up about 40 balloons. Unfortunately, we over shot them. The balloons went over the house (as they were supposed to), but also went over the street and landed in the neighbor's yard.

That night, we had cake for Jeff and then the boys learned how to pay pitch with Pop-Pop and told stories about Missouri. It was nice listening to them laugh.

After that, we played drinking games around the fire pit up at the pool until it got late... and then we played drinking games inside. I have lots of mosquito bites from doing that. All in all, fun weekend!

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