Saturday, July 14, 2007



I have discovered something recently, something many people probably already know. I have discovered how to tell if someone is fat or pregnant. I mean, sometimes it's obvious. But the way to tell is by how the person holds their hands.

Chubby people try to hide the tummy. This is done by either crossing the arms under the boobs and hoisting them up as a diversionary tactic (look at my boobs, not my belly...I have done this, it helps to get drinks). Or, you can cross the arms over the tummy itself, basically grasping opposite hips bones, trying to both push the tummy in and to hide it.

Pregnant ladies have 2 holds as well. The first is the belly rest, where hands are folded and rested on top. The other is the protective mommy stance, where one arm is circled around the top and the other cups the belly from below forming a protective circle around the stomach.

I've been watching for the last few weeks (I discovered this on a bus from the parking deck to the airport 3 weeks ago) and so far, it's been pretty reliable.

I think the stress from studying for the bar is getting to you.....You are finding very "creative" ways to entertain yourself...Anywhoo, hope studying is going well....Can't wait to talk to you when you get a study break...
P.S. I am going to start doing the pregnant hold and maybe people won't realize the truth :)
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