Friday, August 24, 2007


Enjoyable, Not enjoyable

Here are some things that have happened in the last few days. You decide if I thought they were enjoyable or not enjoyable.

A - I learned how to knit - for reals y'all. My friend Mon had a kit and she couldn't figure out the directions and gave it to me. I bought new yarn because the yarn they supplied with the kit didn't let me see what I was doing. I am 1/3 of the way to a scarf and have completed a crappy potholder.

B - In regards to the aforementioned yarn. I went upstairs to check on something after I brought the yarn home and came downstairs to this:

C - My sister came down and stayed at my house for a couple of days and we went apartment hunting for me. The only one that was online in the area I am going was very small. But it's near a lot of good shopping, including a TCBY (which I haven't been able to find in years) and a Chili's (Roll's favorite place).

D - My brother and his roommate made me go to Golden Corral for dinner. They did have awesome chocolate covered strawberries.

E - I finished the first leg of a sibling blood study (for which I'll be paid). It was pretty easy - just donate some blood. The next 2 legs apparently suck. Considering that it involves collecting your pee and getting your blood pressure taken every 15 minutes for a day, I'm guessing that's about right.

F - After giving blood, I met my sister and we went to lunch at Mad Hatter's and split sandwiches and a cookie. (She will be soooo pissed about this:)

G - I flew down to Atlanta on Wednesday. My flight was delayed an hour (which I saw and got there 30 minutes after I was originally supposed to be there), but arrived just about on time.

H - Nobody sat next to me on the flight, they had good pretzels, and Air Tran now offers satellite radio during the flight.

I - When the pilot announces things over the intercom, it cuts off the radio and is about 4 times the volume of the song you were listening to.

J - We passed a lightening storm. I tried to take pictures or video, but my camera was not cooperating. It was far enough away to not be scary. It felt like I was watching Zeus hurl bolts down to Earth.

K - On Thursday, I went to the GA Aquarium with my friend T-Dawg. There weren't very many people there. We touched sting rays (velvety), a shark (rubbery), shrimp (hard) and sea anemones (soft and sticky on the tips). We saw 2 kinds of otters - both playful. Sea otters are also given Kongs full of fish to play with. We also saw whale sharks, a humphead fish, and many others. It was a nice aquarium, but I think they need to add a live show with dolphins and sea lions or walruses. Here's a penguin and a male Beluga whale (you know he's the boy because his flippers are curled up, and the penis, which isn't visible in this picture.):

In case you couldn't figure them out on your own, here are the answers to enjoyable, not enjoyable.

A- Enjoyable
B- Not enjoyable
C- Enjoyable (drive), not enjoyable (small apartment)
D- Not enjoyable (on principle of the thing), enjoyable (strawberries & conversation)
E- Enjoyable (I will be paid), soon to be not enjoyable (collecting pee)
F- Enjoyable, more enjoyable (pissing off sister)
G- Not enjoyable
H- Enjoyable
I- Not enjoyable
J- Enjoyable
K- Enjoyable (have rediscovered that I don't like people)

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