Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Likes, Dislikes & Others of the past month or so


Sonic commercials. I know, they're cheesy, but that guy makes me laugh in almost every one.

This website. I love Scrubs (watch it basically every night and most of the time around 7 on Comedy Central too).

The Hillshire farms Go Meat commercial. It cracks me up!

The feel of fresh from the dryer clean sheets on newly shaven legs.

That I just saw a cardinal from my office window.

Reruns of America's next top model, but only the part where they do the photo shoots and show the pictures.

Dominic from SYTYCD.


When the people from So You Think You Can Dance hold up their fingers for the number they want you to call after the show. It bugs the crap out of me.

My Super Sweet Sixteen. Those people are bitches and should be slapped. A lot.

The Winnie The Pooh Friendship Addition commerical because it implies that Tigger is Pooh's best friend when everyone knows that it's Piglet.

The fact that both yellow jackets and paper (or mud) wasps have built nest under the eave of my front porch. It is not fun having to knock those down with a Swiffer. And those mud nests stick like nobody's buisness.


you know what I like?! That show "Greek" that you turned me on to. Thank you!!!!!! :)
I am so sorry for your lost last night :(
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