Monday, November 12, 2007



Yea, I've been busy. First, I moved. Then I started a new job where I am not allowed to view blogs nor write my own. Then both of my home computers crashed - well the desktop needs a new fan and the laptop crashed - probably a virus - the entire thing just went blank and it can't find the operating system. So, until I can get those fixed, I won't be updating very often. Which is also the reason why this is the first update in over a month - or at least the main reason. Another reason is that I was thinking about not updating this again because of my new job. It's important that nothing "bad" about me get out on the Internet. Then I thought about it and there really is nothing "bad" that I have ever posted. I've tried to be careful about what I talk about and who or what I criticize. If, at some later point in time, I decide that I don't want anyone to see the things that I have posted, I'll take down the site or delete the posts, but right now, I like my memories posted. I might try to update some more this week while I am at my brother's in lieu of staying at a hotel for a conference I am going to the rest of the week. But we'll see.

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