Wednesday, November 14, 2007



Look - 2 posts in 2 days! See what happens when I have access to working computers! I am at UNC all week for a conference (see last post about why I am staying at my brother's). UNC is about 20 minutes from my sister's house in Durham. So we had dinner tonight (got right to the point on that one). We went to this place called Nosh. It was really good - a little pricey, but not that bad. I had the steak wrap, and it was really good and a little spicy. My side was the couscous which was awesome. I normally hate raisins, but the cute them up real small and it added a little sweetness to the couscous which was nice. The best part about the place was the fact that it had a bunch of board game scattered around on tables. The Roll and I decided to stick around and play a round of Scrabble (the bitch beat me by 2 points). I think it's a great marketing idea for smaller restaurants to have stuff like that. The don't need the massive turnover on Wednesday nights like some other chain places, and it actually made us stick around and get dessert (we split a brownie and a carrot cake cupcake which was delicious).

On a side note, while I was about to leave the bathroom I decided to adjust my boobs because they were not properly in my bra. I was debating on if I should go back into the stall or if I could just do it in front of the door. The reason there was a debate at all was because the door pretty much opens into the restaurant and people sitting at tables can see right in. So I went for it, playing the odds that nobody would come in during the 20 seconds it would take me to fix myself. Nope. Hand in shirt, the door opens right into me and it's the cashier. Oops. Oh well, I think I pulled it off ok. If not, it's not like I'll be going there all that often.

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