Thursday, May 29, 2008


What I Did Today

Worked. Got a compliment from a random person saying that he liked me because I was nice to him. Got annoyed.

Layla got a haircut and is now nakee and adorable. While she was at PetSmart, I went to Ross and bought 4 shirts for $40, then perused bed, Bath & Beyond. Then I had dinner at Panera - half turkey sandwich (which was disappointing because I made a better one myself earlier in the week with avocado slices - they were out) & summer corn chowder (tasty). I ate & read a book so I could save gas - although it cost more for me to eat there than gas would have been. Oh well.

Once we got home I organized my Ipod and am still currently downloading stuff. It's taken a little over 2 hours for me to decide what I want on there & then update all the information. But now it's nice 7 pretty.

I still must finish packing for camping this weekend. I have half a bag packed. Because Monday was a holiday, my week has been all confused. I know that today is Thursday, but it doesn't feel like it. So I guess tomorrow after I get home I'll be all rushed so that I can go to Raleigh & see my cousin & brother so that we can load up the car & go shopping.

Ok, that's all I did today. I will write about camping once I get home and hopefully I will have pictures too.

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