Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Tuesday Bluesday

I think I am getting a cold. I really want it to go away before our camping trip this weekend. My left nostril is completely blocked - unless I roll over and it drains to the right one. But when I stand up it goes straight back to the left one. Plus my ears are popping more than normal.

On a totally unrelated note, Layla has been sleeping in my closet lately. I can't figure out why. One guess is that it's hot in my house and I don't want to turn the air on yet and the closet is one of the few places that has hard wood floor with no rug so it's cooler. Another guess is that it's like a cave and dogs like being closed in - that's why they sleep in cages when they're little. Another is that she's a freak. But she slept in my closet a bunch in my old apartment too. The return to the closet is recent here though and there hasn't been any kind of change in circumstance other than the weather.

On another totally unrelated note, I downloaded Julianne Hough's CD and I really like it. That girl has the freaking life I tell you.

On my last unrelated note, my friend Becks & I had brunch on Saturday at the Cary Cafe. It was really nice. A cute place with good food. I had pancakes with fresh peach syrup and coffee. Yum.

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