Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My Bulldogs are still the best

So a few minutes ago UGA lost the College World Series to Fresno State. And a few minutes ago my heart broke for people I don't even know.

The last 2 games basically sucked. We left people stranded, balls were dropped etc. I'll admit it, I cried. And not so much for the loss - I'm kinda over that part. It's for those kids. I've been in that spot - the person who hits a pop-fly for the last out (true it was middle school little league softball, but still). I've been there when my siblings have lost critical games in volleyball or wrestling or whatever.

When I saw Ryan Peisel tear up, I lost it. That pain of the loss is almost overwhelming. And it's one thing for a sophomore - they've got another chance. But for Peisel, and Beckham, and the other seniors, it's all over. They can't get that run back next year, or make that amazing play.

All I can say is that my blood will always be red and black, and that even though we lost tonight, my Georgia Bulldogs will always be better than the Fresno State ones.

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