Monday, June 09, 2008


Sad Face

So I mentioned before that my siblings graduated. Now it's for reals y'all.

The Roll is in Orlando starting her second week of work and loving it. My cousin yecats is down near her and they went shopping and fixed up her apartment and whatnot. So she's gone. I'll hopefully see her for beach weekend, but she already had to cancel the camping trip. The next time I see her will be Thanksgiving and then probably only on major holidays for awhile.

My brother left on Sunday for Army camp. He'll only be gone for a month, but during that month he's out of contact - no calls or email etc. It hit me really hard for some reason. We don't really talk on the phone what with him being a boy and having phone syndrome and all, but still, the fact that I can't talk to him makes it worse. He probably (fingers crossed) won't actually be stationed somewhere until January which leaves me a little more time to hang out with him before he goes to parts unknown.

It just makes me lonely and sad. I loved being so close to my siblings. And I know we'll still be in contact and that the last 4 years have made us stronger as friends and that's we'll always be family. But it's sad not being able to call them and having them come help me put together a table from Ikea while drinking mad dog 20/20 (Happy Easter!). I loved knowing that if I really needed to, or if they really needed to, we could drive an hour and be with each other and that just their physical presence made everything better, even when they didn't know something was wrong in the first place.

I'm going to especially miss my brother. Not that I don't love me sister, but we've always been close (except for a few crazy years when she was insane). In the last 2-3 years my brother has changed so much. He became a friend instead of just a brother. He's actually thoughtful now and likes to hang out with me instead of just putting up with me (or at least he does a much better job of pretending). He plans stuff and laughs a lot more. And I've seen him at least once a month for the last 4 years. For my first year in law school I had to because I didn't have a washer/dryer and the laundromat near my house was sketch. Then it just became habit. A part of my life is leaving me. There will be a huge hole when he leaves for good.

I love my siblings and am sooooo happy for them. I love that they love what they're doing. I'm so proud that they've got jobs and goals and are happy. But I am seriously going to smack them both upside the head for making me cry.

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